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    Has anyone found or solved the problem of blank pdf container fields in FM14?


      When I set up container fields to hold PDF data they appear blank in Browse mode but when one exports from the field then the correct item is in there. The system is running FM14 Server on a Mac an I am editing on a Mac Mini using FMPA14, this machine did have Acrobat Pro DC selected as the default PDF viewer but has since had Preview reinstated. I have found two ways to get around the problem, neither of which is acceptable as a resolution.

      I can:

      1) Open the file on the same computer but using FM13, everything then shows as it should.


      2) Open the file on another machine (which has NEVER had Adobe Acrobat on it) in FM14 and again it works perfectly.


      PS: Sorry about the earlier version of this posting, it had some spurious information !