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    Scoring a Survey


      hi all - hoping you might have some ideas for this.


      we're adding a questionnaire for our clients to fill out before they meet with our lactation consultants. about the survey:


      - 10 questions long

      - 4 possible answers for each question

      - only 1 of the 4 answers can be chosen for each question


      we would like to be able to assign a value (0,1, 2, or 3) to each of the 4 possible answers for each of the questions. is this possible? if so, is there a way for those values to be automatically tallied to come up with a total score? sort of like how you would do this in an excel sheet maybe?


      or is there a better way to do this?

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          It's possible to do it in Filemaker, it's quite simple, the only question is modularity. It can be implemented in a quite fixed structure, in which the answers are fixed texts on the layout, or it can be implemented in a more elegant way.


          If it's a fixed thing, you will have


          PersonID - fk to people taking the survey

          SurveyID - pk of the survey


          gQuestionText, repeating field with 10 repetitions, text

          QuestionAnswer, repeating field with 10 reps, numeric

          gAnswerValue, repeating field with 10 reps, text

          TotalScore, calc.


          you will also have a layout for getting answers. It contains the following fields:


          The gQuestionText - it's obvious. You can put individual elements of a repeating field on a layout.


          The QuestionAnswer: will use a radio button set based upon a value list of 1 to 4, put vertically. Use padding to see only the buttons and place the answers with the text tool on the layout, beside the radio buttons.


          The gAnswerValue: it's a field you will hide after giving it values. For each repetition, this field will contain a list, like







          which means that choosing the second answer gives 0 points and choosing the 4th gives 3 points.


          TotalScore will be defined as


          GetValue(gAnswerValue[1]; QuestionAnswer[1]) +

          GetValue(gAnswerValue[2]; QuestionAnswer[2]) +


          GetValue(gAnswerValue[10]; QuestionAnswer[10])

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            You asked for some ideas...


            How will your customers fill out the questionnaire? Will you send them a link to a URL? Will you send them a piece of paper? Will they be entering their answers on an iPad? Will they sit at a computer? Will an employee push the buttons or will they fill out the forms themselves?


            What version of FileMaker are you using? Is the database on a server? Have you bought any concurrent connections?


            You could do all sorts of things, but it's important to know how you plan to have the data entry done. I'd probably create a very simple database. PK_SurveyID, DateofSurvey, things like that, Q1, Q2, Q3...Q10. Calculated field called QScoreTotal = Sum ( Q1; Q2 ; Q3 ; Q4...Q10 ). Set up a value list, called Answers. Custom values 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Require that each field be non-empty and member of value list Answers.


            There you go. Set up a privilege set, send the person a two-key url link, and they can take the survey on the web at their house, or on your laptop, or on an iPad.