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True? Import recs w/matching names works w/.xlsx but not .txt or .xls

Question asked by wfgclapp on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Markus Schneider

I have been testing something and am disappointed with my conclusion. I'm hoping i'm wrong. Would like to hear if anyone can confirm my conclusion.


My conclusion: Given the choice between file types of .xls, .txt, and .xlsx for your import file, the only one that works using matching field names is .xlsx


I am setting up a procedure to import data into Filemaker from a legacy flat file system. For import, I can create delimited .txt files or .xls file but NOT .xlsx files.


I REALLY need the import process to work based on matching field names. The reason for this (not that it should matter) is I want to protect against fields being added into the legacy system (without notification to the Filemaker developer (me)) and the imports then getting screwed up because the field order is different. FYI, I am doing this import now, but using "custom field order." Works fine. Until some bonehead adds a field in the legacy file and doesn't tell me.


Anyway...I have tested 8 ways to Sunday and I CANNOT get import w/matching names to work for either tab-del .txt files or .xls files. But, works like a charm for .xlsx files.


Can anyone confirm that this is indeed, "the way it is?"