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    Disconnecting local clients



      Disconnect Local Clients


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7 Ultimate

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      I have more than 5 clients, and can't find anywhere how to disconnect idle clients.

      There is an option in MANAGE - > SECURITY, but I am wondering if it is only for those who connect in FM SERVER

      If it isn't possible, is there a logout script that work as a timer that i could run when session starts?


      Thanks in advance and best regards


      Wilson Park

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          Benjamin Fehr

          I would say there isn't any with FM13. A well known problem is a FMGo Client quitting the App via Home Button, later when trying to shut down FMPro, you get locked with a Error Message "Client iPhone still connected …".

          This is solved with FM14 where a Client connection is reset by FMPro after about 2 minutes idle time.

          With FMP 15, it's a matter of a few seconds.


          TSGal, can you confirm those 2 minutes for FMP14 and, lets say, 7 seconds for FMPro15?

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            Thank you for your post.


            If you close the FileMaker Pro hosted file, you will get a dialog box mentioning how many clients are currently accessing the file.  You can then Ask the users to close the file.  If the clients don't respond in 30 seconds, the client will then close the accessed file automatically.  Other clients can cancel the message and continue working with the file.  If all clients close the file, then your hosted file will close, and you can reopen it again.



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