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Why a summary field doesn't show on a layout?

Question asked by Alejandro Felix on Jun 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2016 by alquimby

I have a table (PAYMENTS) that has defined a couple of fields as summary fields to aggregate invoices and payments.

Then I have a portal on a layout showing all the records related to a particular contract: detail of invoices and payments of PAYMENTS Table

Below the portal are shown the above mentioned summary totals: invoices and payments related to that particular contract.

So far, so good. Totals in place (this is a local environment, no servers)


When one of the fields of the records shown in the portal is modified and commited, the related total dissapears (summary field)

It's not a matter of time required to make the calculation and display back. The layout doesn't update itself

You need to click on the field several times or switch to another application and then come back


Do you have any suggestions or ideas to avoid this.