Send E-mail Error, using basic script

Discussion created by HugoLidia on Jun 26, 2016
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I see many other e-mail error discussions, but they do not appear to cover our issue.  We are now on Windows 10 64 bit, with all the latest upgrades running Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 and we still have the following issue.


Using the Filemaker 15 Contact database (so brand new), just adding a standard button to run the standard "send e-mail" script, using MS Office 2013 we see the e-mail application open up on screen to prompt the User to enter the E-mail address to whom they wish to send the message to but within about 3 seconds we get "Server Busy" dialog box appear (see attached).  Retry and Cancel do not work. If we click on "Switch to" option Windows 10 Start button/control panle pops up but nothing is opened to run.  I am assuming Filemaker is trying to open the mail client.  We have tried the script with the mail cleint open and closed while running the script - no difference.


We have to open Windows Task Manager to kill the both the Filemaker and MS Office - Outlook processes before we can get control back.


Ideas for resolution would be appreciated please.