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    FM15 Inspector Icons Are a Downgrade


      I know these things are personal opinion and I know FMInc has to keep updating styling to keep FM looking fresh and modern .. BUT ...


      IMHO, the Arrange & Align icons in the inspector in FM15 are a real downgrade.  They have changed from being colour to being greyscale and they have new designs.  For a new user I reckon they would be harder to understand what each one means.


      Strangely the icons in layout mode in the toolbar for adding various objects to the layout etc. have changed from greyscale in FM14 to colour in FM15.  Inconsistent design / styling changes from one part of the interface to another.  Not sure what is going on there.


      </end rant>

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          "Not sure what is going on there." - 'Change for the sake of change', I'd suggest.

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            The Data Formatting icons went all grey from color. I am not sure why they made a big deal about the greatness of the main icons in the inspector moving to color and then greyed all the rest of them.


            In Data Formatting I honestly thought something was wrong at first as I thought there were greyed out because they were not available. I actually spent time looking around for why they were not usable before I realized they actually were active. This was such a simple thing to mess up. Very similar issue with the the favorites "star" in Launch Center of FM14. Thankfully that was fixed in 15, but they applied that same mistake to the Inspector.


            Change for the sake of change sounds about right on this one.

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              When resources are scarce, this was a meaningless waste of time.  Better to focus design effort on the user interface in browse and find modes rather than the objects "behind the scene" in layout mode.

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                I'm still trying to figure out why the 3 alignment icons on the relationship graph rely on drop-down menus instead of having a single-click icon for each of the 8 possible alignments, the way they do in the "Arrange & Align" Inspector. Again, inconsistent user interface and odd use of FMI's internal resources. Who can explain it?

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                  IMHO, the move to more icons generally is a downgrade, too. Instead of an "appearance" tab, we now have, what, a "palette" tab? A "ruler" tab? A "wrench and paintbrush" tab?


                  Even if I were illiterate, I don't see how removing words and replacing them with icons made anything clearer.


                  A picture is worth a thousand words. An icon is worth less than one.


                  Just sayin'.


                  Chris Cain


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                    fully agree. With all the posters before me me, too - they spoke my thoughts.

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                      Chris, I'm just guessing here, but if I were backed into a corner and ordered to come up with my best guess about increasing iconization (not just by FMI but thruout the software world in general), I'd imagine it was less about effective communication than about internationalization. Software vendors are trying to sell their basic product in many different countries with many different languages, and it must be a real PITA to have to jigger text-based visual cues thruout the entire program for each separate market. Among other things, based on my limited knowledge of non-English languages, it seems that Spanish and German take up about 50% more horizontal space than their English equivalents, while Japanese and Chinese take up about 60% less. So it's not just a simple matter of using the proper translation, they also have to make it fit esthetically into the available space. I suspect they'd like to avoid doing any more of this than necessary.

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                        You're probably right, though they still have to localize the tooltip content for each of the icons.

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