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    container field pathname


      I would like to display the pathname of an image file imported into a container field.  I thought I could make a calculated text field and set its contents to something like Get ( FilePathName, MyContainerField). (Forgive the hazy syntax. I'm a tourist as far as FileMaker scripting is concerned.)


      Is there a way to do this? I haven't found anything in the Container and Get functions that does the trick.


      I've got hundreds of images to deal with, and I don't relish manually entering the path data for every image.




      Richard Hurley


      Grass Valley MultiMedia

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          How are the images stored? Directly in the container filed, as a reference, external containers?


          See if this helps: FileMaker Pro 15 Help


          If they are stored as a reference, this will get you the path if you use the "content" attribute.

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            GetAsText(TheContainerField) will also get you the path, if the file is stored as a reference.

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              Thanks for the suggestion, shamblee.


              The pictures are stored as references.  I tried this in the calculation field where I want to display the path to the image:




              (where images is the name of the table and baseImage is the name of the container field).


              I get the pathname returned, but I get some extra stuff, too.

              Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 2.01.43 PM.png


              Bonus data! I get the pixel size for free!


              Looks like I have a date with FMP's text parsing functions. And I'll try Joshua Ormond's suggestion,too.


              Thanks for the help! I love working in FMP, but I don't get to do it often. Having the FMP Community as a resource is a lifesaver.






              GetValue ( GetAsText(images::baseImage) ; 2 ) seems to do the trick.