Keeping product numbers as "0" when less the 0

Discussion created by sherab4 on Jun 26, 2016
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I have a Resources/Product database and shows the number of Products which decreases when product has been sent out and increases when shipments come in, as it should. However, some of these resources are printed in office or if they are CDs or DVDs we create these ourselves, so when an order is placed these printouts, CDs and DVDs keep decreasing, so I end up with large negative numbers. I want to keep the number on hand as always "0" under these circumstances. SO when the field "QtyonHand" is less the zero this needs to show as "0". Is this possible when the "QtyonHand" field is already a Calculation. Sorry tried to insert a file but keeps telling me the file type is not permitted, so I have attached the file.