Inverting a boolean (fun)

Discussion created by siplus on Jun 26, 2016
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Preamble: this is Filemaker Sunday fun, no need to draw vertical, horizontal or deep conclusions from it.

Just Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) fun.  Therefore all results are in ms, even if not specifically specified.


Fact: I have tons of switches I turn on/off, and there are at least 6 ways to switch them, as you already know and can see from the attachment.


I was wondering about which way is the fastest way to do it, while knowing the most elegant one (IMHO: not).


Results: fun.


Set the Iterations field to 100, hit Run Test a few times. Then set it to 1000, repeat. Then again set it to 10000 and do the same thing.


In my situation, on my computer, NOT goes from being the worst at small numbers (and CHOOSE beating ‘em all) to being the best at high iterations numbers.



Have fun.