What makes a bad ass Filemaker Server

Discussion created by lanclos on Jun 25, 2016
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I'm looking to build the best filemaker server I can - to tell you the truth, I'm not so happy with the new Apple Mac Pros ( I don't know why though, I guess I'm used to the towers )


Currently have a 2010 Mac Pro Tower - 2.8 Ghz quad core intel xeon - 16 gb RAM - 2 spinning 1T HD in a raid configuration - mirrors of each other for FMS

and for my web server - I have a 2.66 ghz intel core 2 duo iMac computer 2009 - 8 gb ram - 500 gb HD - both dedicated machines - two machine configuration


I want faster ...


I'm only using 1 of the Mac Pro's gigabit ethernet ports currently - can I use both? how? run ethernet lines back to the office switch?


Should I switch out the HD for solid state?

still do the raid config?


Should I buy a new computer?

Brand new Mac Pro?

1 T internal solid state?

external raid backup lighting connect?

4 core 6 core 8 core 12 core?

16 gb ram? 32?

dual ethernet?


30 FMP in house users - 75 gb of databases in 52 files - custom web publishing using php - no web direct users at this point - 2-3 filemaker go users - currently running FMS14 and this week will upgrade to FMS 15 and can't wait


here is your chance to sound off - thanks in advance