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Making a Mac OS app ready to run standalone on an iOS device

Question asked by PecCars on Jun 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by schamblee

I have an app that is running on Mac OS and am preparing it to make it mobile-ready. Since Filemaker apps can be developed so that an app can run now independently in the app store for iOs, that will be my objective. I am planning to sell the app as a standalone app on a first stage, means it will not connect to an FM server, it will rather allow the user to manage his work on a mobile device and communicate with customers via email directly from the app. Here my understanding:


- I can use my existing FM database running on a Mac OS environment.


- As development tools I need: the FM database, Xcode and the iOS SDK.


Considering that there is already a user interface running on Mac OS,

- which tool would I need to use to either migrate the user interface to the iOS environment ? FM or rather Xcore ?


- And if several options available which one would be more effective considering that the app needs to run standalone on iOS ?


- will it required less effort to migrate the user interface from the Mac OS to iOS considering that the size of windows and ui design was done anyway considering the size of mobile devices ? Or does it make more send to develop a brand new user interface for the mobile devices ?


As an additional feature, I am interested also in providing the user with sync option across his devices. Meaning his FM app would run on Mac OS, a tablet and a mobile, and it would be possible to sync the contents of the FM database only across devices on in a single user mode. 

- I am assuming I do not need FM server for that ?


- What kind of support does Xcore, the iOS SDK provide to allow for seamless sync of data across devices also to a Mac OS device ? I have seen mobile apps that have a sync button in the app and the content is automated automatically once setup with the Mac OS app. The synchronizable apps that I have seen do it via WiFi, where the Mac OS X app runs a WiFi server with its own code. All devices need to be on the same WiFi network. Once that is setup it is a matter of both devices running the app and sync'ing from either one.


Can anyone please confirm if my statements are correct and if possible elaborate ?


Thanks in advance.