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    Custom function for sorting a list of values?


      Can anyone point me towards a custom function for sorting a list of values.  I've tried a few on briandunning.com and have run into problems with each of the ones I've tried:






      The list of values I am trying to sort is a list of phone numbers and labels.  I have a calc field in my phone numbers table that produces a text value of:


      Label     (Tab)     Phone Number


      If the Label or Phone Number field is empty, I insert "No Label" or "No Number" in red using TextColor.  In my Contacts table, I have a calc field that uses the List() function to generate a list of the above calc field from the related phone number records.  I want this list sorted by label.


      SortList works, but there's an issue with text color where it colors some non-empty fields red too.  I'm going to investigate further, but was hoping someone might know of a function that will work for me.  Thanks!