List view inputing possible, or different way?

Discussion created by tcr on Jun 28, 2016
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We've bought the missing manual for Filemaker Pro Advanced 14 (the version we have) but its hard to find the right sections if we don't know the terminology!


We're inputting sales for each of our products ('apples') month on month, and have created a list view layout to see all these apples in alphabetical order (we've got hundreds of differently named apples, so a dropdown is not an option) to find them easily and quickly. It makes sense to input a new date and payment amount in this view, however we're only seeing the very first payment and date for each apple, and if we change it it changes the original record instead of adding a new one.


We have successfully added records via a portal to a payment table, but having to go into each individual record to do it is too time consuming, especially as the apples were not added to the database in alphabetical order (and is ongoing, so new apples are added all the time).


Have we set up the link to the payment field incorrectly, or is there a better way to add a long list of new sales each month to an easy to find list, rather than having to search for each product first?


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