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Modification Timestamp modifying on record view

Question asked by on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by jvagla

I am going through the Filemaker Training Series 14 Advanced using Filemaker 15 Advanced (Advanced Series not out yet for 15) and I am getting strange behavior on an Auto Enter Modification Timestamp field. It is in the sample file "02a_Bonsai.fp12" that came with the series. I copied to the desktop and started to do the lessons. One of the lessons was to create auto enter fields for Creation and Modification, type timestamp for the Customers Table. The Creation Timestamp field works fine, but the modification one enters and updates the timestamp just by looking at the record.


I copied and pasted the fields into a solution of my own and they work properly!


It's creepy, watching the current time and date jump into the z_RecordModificationTime field that I was told to make for the file.