Strange evaluation

Discussion created by sfpx on Jun 27, 2016
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My geolocation javascript sends the speed data to a filemaker script. If the speed is greater than 1.2, it does a certain action.

On a particular Iphone which I don't have access (he's out on the field) , it seems than any fraction is evaluated as greater than 1.2

I know that getasnumber("0,25") gives a result of 25 but ,from the logs, I know the script received data with a dot as the decimal separator.


I'm really scratching my head with this one.

I just can't replicate this on my Iphone.

Is there an iphone configuration that would produce that erroneous evaluation ?

I tried to set mine to the French settings ( comma as the decimal separator) but it still worked as it should.


The javascript calls the script this way

\"urlscheme://~/" & $$AppName & ".fmp12?&Script=Myscript&$latitude=\"+latitude+\"&$longitude=\"+longitude+\"&$accuracy=\"+accuracy+\"&$speed=\"+speed;


The simplified script looks like

if ($$ACCEPTDATA=1 and getasnumber($speed)>1.2) Do Action.


I checked the logs on the server and the action has been triggered every time the $speed >0

The strange thing is that me and another user don't have this strange behavior.


If anyone has an idea...this is driving me insane