Is it possible to block a field to be filled in a record with a specific rule?

Discussion created by Marcobaldo on Jun 28, 2016
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I have a database to keep the daily presence of all of my colleagues.

My boss gave us a rule saying that, apart from the month of August, it won't be possible to be less than 12 people in office.

On Monday morning all of us propose to our boss the program for the week and we put it in a database wich has a record per day.

I would love to put a control that block any attempts of signing any absence when the number of presence goes down to 12 and I would love to show a message that says something like: please choose another day.

I have a field wich is filled with yes in caso of full day presence (yes morning of yes afternoon if a person will be out of the office but not for the whole day), no in case of absent.

I would love to put a control over that field.

Thanks in advance for your help.