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Create a "Build Estimator" in a parts database

Question asked by jayyo on Jun 28, 2016

Hi guys,


I'm currently managing a database that houses standard parts information (a table with part #, vendor, price, etc.). This table is available through a list view on a layout.


I want to create a separate layout that will be a tool called "Build Estimator." If you go to the list view layout with the parts, I want to add a "shopping cart" type feature where you can go to a specific record in the list and enter the quantity of a part (record) to add or subtract from the build (hosted on a separate layout). In the Build layout, I want a portal type display that shows what you've added to the build and some field to the side of it that will total the build cost (all of the parts prices times the quantity selected) and show the total number of parts in the build. Finally, a function to save a build as an excel file or clear all the entries on the build layout to create a new build from scratch would be great.


How would I go about creating the portal on the Build page or any suggestions to link a button on my database record entries to simply copy over the data into the portal?