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    viewing records from related file (no portal)


      Hello everyone,

      I am totally stuck on this.


      My situation:

      TableA (300 records)

      - KeyField (text)

      - ....other fields

      TableB (multiple records)

      - KeyField (text)

      - CalcField1 (text calculated value to show)

      - CalcField2 (text calculated value to show)

      - .....other fields

      TableA is linked to TableB via KeyField (allowing creation of records on TableB)


      I need to show in a single layout of TableA the values of each record of TableA::KeyField and related values TableB::CalcField1 and TableB::CalcField2 without using portals.


      I can show each records of TableA using GetNthRecord ( TableA::KeyField ; n )

      But how do I get related values from TableB for each record of TableA in the same layout without portals ?


      Thank you for your help,