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    Bogus files in Script Workspace FM15


      Converted a simple solution from FM5 to FM7 to FM12 file formats recently.


      It is hosted on FMServer 15. I am accessing the file thru FMP15 Client, and have previously accessed it with FMP15 Trial. Same result in both.


      When opening scripts to review them, bogus file names appear in some of the scripts, and when the bogus filenames are clicked on to replace them with the correct file, the correct file will very often not show up in the drop-down list of files, even though the file is open and in use in the solution.



      Criterion Clients 3 is the real file name, Criterion Clients 7, 8, 9,10 etc. have never existed.



      Only one file of 53 hosted have a number at the end. So the majority of files in this list are bogus.


      How can I flush the bogus file names, it is very tedious even if I can find the correct file name and sometimes I can't find the right name?



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          The way File references are stored and even how they work has changed dramatically between FMP 5 and FMP 15. I suggest you clean them up by correcting every one before trying to fix things.

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            ch0c0halic is correct. Go to File > Manage > External Data Sources. What you're seeing is an artifact of the way FileMaker used to handle file references way back in the dim, dark days.  

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              Thanks for the update, yes it is 20 years since I have been this deep into my solution. Turns out that, if the correct file name was not listed in the drop-down, all I needed to do was click on the bottom link in the file menu and select the correct file from those actually being hosted, and the repair was made. Once I did that, the correct file name would stay in the drop-down that made for easy additional changes in each file if needed.


              I ended up just ignoring the bogus names as inconvenient as they are, and worked thru it. I checked about 500+ scripts and found surprisingly less than 15% had bad references. I got very lucky for such an old solution.


              You are a great community resource, thanks again.