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    Send mail


      I have a RunTime that uses Send Mail to convey license info to me. This works fine on a standalone OSX Mac. For a PC within a 'paranoid firewall' you cannot get emails out so I'd intended to export a file to a desktop folder for the user to manually email to me.


      Future: I'm unfamiliar with iOS. Will Send Mail reliably work as in OSX? And is it best to send via SMTP or via client? For both, consider that these need to be v. reliable otherwise users would be stuck and annoyed. I've not yet checked the facility to file export using FM on iOS but seem to remember you can't import into FM.

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          Johan Hedman

          If you create your solution for iOS you will use the built in Mail software like you do in FileMaker Pro to send your email. You can always attach 1 file when you send emails directly from FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go.

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            So in Send Mail I'd use the email client rather than SMTP when sending from iOS devices?


            As a back-up on Mac/PC I was going to export the information to a folder on the Desktop. Is there any iOS equivalent......and yes, I'll need to do some reading because I'm not familiar with it yet.

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              I't docent matter if you use SMTP or client. Both works on iOS. The big problem you have to deal with is firewalls and isp rules when it comes to ports you are allowed to use.


              Have you consider not using mail? As I understand it you want som text from your customer? If I would do it I'd set up at small php page on som server and using insert from url to get the text. That way you are using port 80 (or 443 for SSL is better). If you have those ports closed in the firewall, then you have a problem....

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                Thanks. I'd wanted to avoid going via the net if possible. One reason is that firewalls mean that I'm still unlikely to have a near 100% proof method of moving the info. Re iOS, can you create a 'desktop folder' in a similar manner to that on Mac/PC in which to put an info file?

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                  Yes and no. You can create (and delete) files, but you are limited to iOS "sandbox". Exporting a bunch of record is perfectly possible.


                  Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.48.58.png


                  this will put a file in FMGo's document folder