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    Find Loop?


      Product and version :  FileMaker Pro 15.0.1

      OS and version: Windows 10 64 bits

      Description: Fiter loop occasionally appears with Search script

      How to replicate: Don't Know: don't have the Issue with FM 14

      Workaround (if any): Not Yet




      In Filemaker 15 occasionally appears a Find Popup.

      After Search script like:

      The Popup stays for a few minutes while normally it takes less then a second.

      Hope I find a better description to replicate.


      Regards Leo.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Finding for CustomerName = "H" should be quick.  However, depending on the number of records found, then each of those records are evaluated and determine which records to remove from the found set.  It would be quicker to do the following:


          Enter Find Mode [ Pause:Off ]

          Set Field [ CUSTOMER::CustomerName ; "H" ]

          Set Field [ CUSTOMER::ID_Customer "<111" ]

          Perform Find [ ]



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks TSGal,


            You are right but it was only a example for the kind of script I use and get sometimes a loop in FM15.

            It haven't appear one time with FM 14,

            Still no more clues.

            Ps Same problem with FM 15 on a Windows 7 64 bits pc.



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              If you want, send in your database file and the actions you take to reproduce the dialog box showing.  I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the file.



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                Hello TSGal,




                My Application has multiple files and is very big(+1Gb).


                I’m trying to isolate the problem in a small app.


                Had just get the same dialog box also after a sorting script.






                Met vriendelijke groeten,






                Van: TSGal 

                Verzonden: donderdag 30 juni 2016 19:33

                Aan: Leo van Zeijl

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                Find Loop?



                reactie van TSGal <https://community.filemaker.com/people/TSGal?et=watches.email.thread>  in Report a Product Issue - Bekijk de volledige discussie <https://community.filemaker.com/message/583416?et=watches.email.thread#583416>

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                  In the weekend scrolls thru the DDR.

                  Have fixed some issues.

                  After that no dialog box anymore!

                  Still strange it didn't appear in FM 14.


                  Regards Leo

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                    First, I'm glad the issue no longer appears.


                    Unfortunately, I don't know what caused the dialog box to appear in FileMaker Pro 15, and I realize sending in the solution is probably not a viable option.


                    Please let me know if you should run into this issue again.



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                      Hello TSGal,


                      Yesterday the dialog again appears.

                      More often then for 5/7.

                      I've seen that with Find the count of records within the search appears direct.:

                      See Picture (11 records)

                      Then comes the dialog.

                      I'm going to look witch changes I've made.

                      Still not appear mit FM14



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                        Another thing you might check for are layouts using the "Classic Theme". The "theme" has been deprecated and removed as of FileMaker Pro 14. FileMaker Pro 15 would be even more likely to show issues with the layouts using "Classic theme".


                        Please keep us updated on the issue.



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                          I'm using a custom theme based on Filemaker Warm Green.


                          Do I have a issue in the future with this custom theme when FIlemaker Millennium themes are removed?



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                            The FileMaker Millennium themes are deprecated and it is recommended to migrate from such technologies and features. I can't say at this point whether you would see a performance hit (I've not ran into any cases of it so far).


                            Have you been able to reproduce the issue in a new file? (If so, could we get a copy of it?)



                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              TSpigeon and TSGal,



                              Today looked at the scriptsteps.

                              Within the layout I'm using "popHover".

                              After I'm disabled the scriptstep:

                              Set Layout Object Animation [On]

                              At this moment I didn't get the Dialog anymore.

                              Make this sense?

                              I'm hoping to find time to reproduce it in a new file



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                                Thank you for the information!


                                I was unable to reproduce the initial issue by following these steps:

                                1. Create test.fmp12 (Layouts used Warm Green Theme)

                                2. imported 175 records to a new table

                                3. Created a Popover Button, named the window "pop"

                                4. Created a Script:

                                     -Enter List View (in list view per your screenshot)

                                     -Perform Find (returns 20 records)

                                     -Set Layout Object Animation [On]

                                     -Go to Object ["pop"]


                                I ran the script with the popover button on the header and on the body with no change in behavior. Let us know if you have any further information necessary to reproduce. We can also look at a sample file from you if you can reproduce in a new file.



                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Paul Jansen

                                  I am experiencing this issue as well.


                                  OS 10.11.6.


                                  FMS 14.0.4

                                  File Count: 20

                                  External Container Storage in use

                                  Total disk Space > 10GB


                                  I have a multi-file solution which originated in FMP 6 and is currently hosted on FMS 14.  If I open the solution in FMPA 15, periodically, the Find Dialog appears for up to a minute even when FileMaker is not the active application. 

                                  As it is not possible to interact with FileMaker whilst this dialog is active, I have not been able to determine which file is causing the issue.  No scripts are running and there is no indication what FileMaker is searching for!


                                  Opening in FMPA 14 does not exhibit the issue.





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                                    periodically, the Find Dialog appears for up to a minute even when FileMaker is not the active application.

                                    The issue will randomly happen regardless of whether a script is running or you are even in the database -is there a particular layout that cause the issue?


                                    I'm sending you a private message as well.



                                    FileMaker, Inc.

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