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    Record Flag


      I have a contact database and the records data is used in several other tables via related fields. I would like to delete some of these records but not if the data is being utilized for records in other tables. Can a DO NOT DELETE flag be created that would highlight itself on the contact record if its _KP_ Customer_ Number existed in any other tables?


      Thanks for your help . Ed

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          Sure. Something like:


          Case (

               not IsEmpty (

                    relatedTable1::_KP_Customer_Number &

                    relatedTable2::_KP_Customer_Number &


                    ) ;

                    "DON'T DELETE ME!!!"



          Naturally, you would probably want to exercise more control than this. Perhaps trap the deletion using the security setup or via a "delete" script (be sure to override the "delete record" command in the menu using Custom Menus if you choose this route).





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            Hello Mike,


            Thanks for the quick response. I am a novice at this and I tried your calculation 2 ways without success.

            First I created a text field named  (Do_Not Delete Flag) and created a conditional format using your Calc.

            Second attempt was to change the field to calculation field and I entered your Calc.

            The calculation was not rejected in either case.

            How is your calculation referencing the _KP_Customer_Number  in the client contact record?


            Case (

                 not IsEmpty (Receiving Data::_kf_Contacts_Customer_Number &

                 Shipment Request Data::_kf_Pickup_Contact_ID &

                     Shipment Request Data::_kf_Ship_to_Contact_ID

                      ) ;

                      "DON'T DELETE ME!!!"


            Thanks again!!

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              The calculation was an example based on the information you provided. I don't have access to your database, so I don't know what the structure looks like. Do you have a relationship to the other tables? The basic principle is you're looking to see if the primary key in the related table is empty or not. This tells you that a record exists "over there".


              So substitute the primary key of the related tables, in a calculation field, and it should work.

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                Hello Mike,


                First, thanks again for your time.

                I do not understand what I should be substituting for the primary key.

                There is a relationship between the Customer table and the other tables.

                Based on there being only 2 tables.


                Table 1  named (Customer_Contacts) -  with 2 fields named (KP_Customer_Contact_Number) and



                Table 2 named (Ship_Requests) - with 1 field named (KP_Customer_Contact_Number )


                I am trying to get the (Do_Not_Delete_Flag) field in Table 1 to highlight red and display DO NOT DELETE if

                the (KP_Customer_Contact_Number) exists in a record in Table 2


                Thanks again for your help.


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                  In Customer_Contacts, the Do_Not_Delete_Flag should be a calculation field equal to:


                  Case (


                       not IsEmpty ( Ship_Requests::KP_Customer_Contact_Number ) ; "DO NOT DELETE" ;




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                    Hello Mike,


                    Your calculation works but only for 1 record and it happens to be record # 5 of 15,082.

                    Any thoughts?

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                      That doesn't give me much to go on. What "doesn't work"? What behavior are you seeing, and what are you expecting?

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                        - Disable record delete -> custom menus

                        - Put a delete button on the layout

                        - Hide it when not IsEmpty(List(yourFirstRelationship::pk) & List(yourSecondRelationship::pk)  & ....)