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    FIAS/IPv6 issue


      I am trying to get a FileMaker app (built with FileMaker iOS App SDK) into the AppStore and the only rejection issue is this:


      Apps are reviewed on an IPv6 network. Please ensure that your app supports IPv6 networks, as IPv6 compatibility is required.

      For additional information about supporting IPv6 Networks, please refer to Supporting IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks and About Networking.


      I have narrowed down the failure to a single line of code. But there's seemingly nothing I can tweak to fix it.

      The line is using the Insert From URL script step...and I have confirmed that we are passing it an IPV6-only URL.

      I cannot post the entire URL since it has private info regarding my app.

      But the URL is using HTTPS and it's hitting a web-service hosting on AWS-EC2 behind ELB with IPV6.

      When I compile and run the app in the iPhone simulator in Xcode it works great.

      But once I deploy it to my iPhone, it fails with a 1631 Connection failed error.


      I've confirmed that my iPhone supports ipv6 by going to ipv6-test.com


      I understand why Apple is requiring new apps to support an IPV6-only network.


      Has anyone else run into this? I am happy to work with anyone that can assist to debug this further.

      I just called FileMaker support...but they said it might take a few days to get any response...and there's no guarantee.

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          Are you supplying the IPv6 URL in [ ]? Is it supplied directly or are you using a DNS subdomain to point to the IPv6 address?


          I have not run into his issue but that does not mean it does not exist.


          You may want to contact developer support by phone and get some better answers about what will fix the problem. They are usually very helpful.

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            Yes I am supplying the URL as $LoginURL below (it has my ipv6-only address):


            Set Variable [$LoginURL ; "https://ipv6.mydomain.com/Service.asmx/Login?" & Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds) & "&strAuthKey=" & "myAuthKey" & "&strEmail=" & User::EmailAddress & "&strPassword=" & User::Password & "&strType=PW"]

            Insert From URL [Verify SSL Certificates ; Select ; User::LoginCookie ; $LoginURL]


            Obviously references to "my..." are substitutes for real values.


            This all works flawlessly on my Mac directly inside FileMaker and using the iPhone 6 simulator in Xcode.

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              bigtom - I may have found the same reference to the square brackets that you did:

              Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Compliance | FileMaker


              It suggests using DNS to resolve the IPV6 address and then using the IPV6 address as the URL like below.


              From FileMaker..."It is suggested to rely on DNS to resolve human-readable host names like filemaker.com into a specific IPv6 address."


              Isn't that why we have DNS? To resolve addresses? Now they're asking me to reverse that.

              Also, in my case I'm trying to use SSL...which will fail if the URL doesn't refer to my domain.

              It seems like FileMaker is going to need a way to call a subdomain as a URL but to explicitly indicate that it's IPV6 somehow.

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                Your DNS should handle this. Do you have an AAAA record setup?

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                  I am using a cname to point to the ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) on AWS.

                  I tried wrapping my subdomain with square brackets but that doesn't work.

                  "https://[ipv6.mydomain.com]" but that doesn't work either.


                  I think this is a bug. Why FileMaker would be encouraging us to use IP addresses over DNS entries is beyond me.

                  And unless it's a IPV6 IP address wrapped in square brackets, they must be attempt to use it as an IPV4 address. See text from that article below.


                  "If an address doesn't look like an IPv6 address, then FileMaker attempts to treat it like an IPv4 address - any failures or errors would then appear as invalid addresses just like they did in previous versions."

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                    So far as I have found an AAAA record for the subdomain should work.

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                      I've tried every permutation I can think of.  FileMaker seems to be suggesting that they don't want a subdomain for IPV6...they want the IP address instead. I've tried both ways. It doesn't work. I can take the same URL and run it in Safari (on iPhone), and I get results. But I get "Connection Failed" in fmGO.  Very frustrated.

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                        Odd workaround, but have you tried a web viewer and getting the source contents of the web viewer into a field so you an then work with it somehow?

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                          FileMaker Go 15 Development Guide

                          I just discovered this excerpt...

                          "FileMaker Go doesn't work with IPv6 file references or addresses."


                          However - I just did a test...and your web viewer suggestion worked!


                          That combined with GetLayoutObjectAttribute("WebViewer1","content") will get me by for now I think.

                          Now I just need to add some parsing logic to clean up the value (i.e. strip away the HTML formatting).


                          I did submit a test-project to FileMaker support. Since Apple now REQUIRES ipv6-only coverage...it's time for FileMaker to get fmGo up-to-speed.


                          Thanks a ton for the suggestion!  Will you be attending DevCon?

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                            What kind of file are you trying to get? There is a good HTML tag stripping custom function on that popular custom function site.


                            FM is trying to support IPv6 but it has issues. One big issue is the launch center showing the file multiple times. They should be on top of this though.


                            I will be at DevCon.