Tracking GPS location of iOS devices to FileMaker Server, redeem codes

Discussion created by odubov on Jun 30, 2016
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Hi all,


Im glad to inform you, that TrackFM app already in the AppStore:

TrackFM on the App Store


TrackFM is a native iOS app, that tracking iPhone or iPad GPS location and sending coordinates to your FileMaker Server's Web Publishing via XML requests. If a device is not connected to the internet, location data is collecting inside TrackFM and then sending gps history to the server.

TrackFM works as iOS system service and silently continue location tracking even if a user is a force quit TrackFM application.

TrackFM restoring tracking after restarts or after iOS system upgrades.

It stop tracking only after deleting the app.

Only significant location changes are tracking (not spamming server with each second coordinates)

It almost not drain battery, at least I didn't notice any changes in battery life with this app.


Here is redeem codes:








Please redeem only one from this list and let me know, which one is redeemed by you.



Best regards,

Alexey Dubov