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    How do I extract a string from a field that matches a text field in one of the records from another table?


      I'm not sure if this is the right section in the forums.


      I have a table of product titles with a single field containing text like this:


      Sony headphones

      Bose headphones

      Panasonic headphones


      I have a separate table that is a list of brands, like this:






      How do identify the brand name in the product titles, by checking each product title to see if it matches one of the brand records? I'd like output like this:


      (field 1)Sony headphones  (field 2)Sony

      Bose headphones | Bose

      Panasonic headphones | Panasonic


      In other words, I have a list of product titles, and I have to classify each record against a list of brands.


      I'm not looking for a data validation solution, like a picker. I'm looking to automate the task of populating the "brand" field of each record as it is imported.


      This is not a one off job, otherwise, it would be trivial in Excel. I need this to function dynamically on an ongoing basis, there will be new product titles, and new brands added to the list over time.