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FM GO 15, load only some records, or write locally on iPhone

Question asked by lolli_group on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by schamblee


I have developed a very complex DB with FMPA 15, hosted on server FMS15.

Technicians can access to the DB and see their work list of the day, and they can compile each job, than sign and close it.


The problem is that in many occasions we have lack of 3G and not wifi where they work (into hospital), so I'd like to know if I can tell to FM GO 15 to load ONLY some records, and than to upload them after, maybe at the end of the day or when 3G is connected again.


I thought to a second DB (local on iPhone) where to store the works of the day only, than do a script to pair this local DB with the server, but maybe you know a different way.

Can I tell to FM GO to do things ONLY when the 3G signal (or wi-fi) is present and strenght ?

Usually it load 25 records, can I tell FM GO to load only recors I tell him (via script) and work on them only locally till next connection with the server ?

Is there a way to know if the FM GO is connected or not, with server ?