Switching between solutions

Discussion created by djwhite on Jun 30, 2016
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Brief background.

Over the past couple of years, I have created a number of solutions for our Engineering department that have been stored on iPads due to the inadequacies of our Wi-Fi network on site.

These solutions have been copied back from the iPads on a monthly basis so that i have a back up of each file (Although this has been a real pain at times!)

Now that the Wi-Fi has been upgraded, we have moved over to FileMaker Server 15 and are hosting the files across the network so the Engineers can use the iPads and WebDirect.


The Question.

Is there a way that i can create a landing page that will allow the user to switch between solutions that have already been created or do i need to start from scratch ?

I have tried the Open File and Select Window options on a button but this doesn't seem to work over WebDirect.


Being an admirer of  FM Starting Point by Richard Carlton and was hoping to come up with a similar solution but didn't really want to have to start again.


Any help would be appreciated.