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PHP memory issue?

Question asked by BengtOxelman on Jun 29, 2016
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I recently upgraded from Mavericks/OS Server/FM Server 12 to ELCapitan/OS Server/FM Server 15. It turned out that the Apache Server, which I use for a main webpage, which in turn uses PHP to get data from a FM database using the FMPHP API, didn't come to good terms with FM Server 15. SO I gave up and installed FM Server 15 on another machine. Now the Apache Server and the database server (including Web Server) work well. Power the FMPHP API doesn't seem to work. I either get:


"XML error: No memory at line 1 (error )"




Communication Error: (22) The requested URL returned error: 502 - This can be due to an invalid username or password, or if the FMPHP privilege is not enabled for that user.


The first error could be due to that the table includes around 1000 records with many fields (some in related tables), according to other posts at this forum. However, I never encountered the problem with FM Server 12. The other error message, I have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated.