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    Runtime license


      I have a license mechanism where the license needs to be copied to a text field while the RT is open. The text copies fine outside the RT, but while the RT is open won't paste into the field. Is this because OS functions are suspended while in the RT and how can you get around this?

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          There are some scripts step that are compatible with certain versions.  Copy & Paste is supported with Runtimes.  The issue is most likely that you do not have the correct field selected when you copy and paste.  


          I do not recommend using copy and paste.  I would use "set field"   Set Field

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            Thanks schamblee,

            1. Just to clarify, are you saying that if I copy the License from a text file, then launch the Runtime, I should be able to paste it into the License field? I should have mentioned, it's in Kiosk mode; should it still work? Because it's definitely the correct field.

            2. To avoid having to copy/paste I'd considered instead putting the license into an FM file. However:

            a) It's easy to ask the User to put the FM file into a Desktop folder the RT will have generated on Mac/PC but I'm not sure where I'd put it for iOS?


            b) 'Thinking this through aloud' if I had a table with just a single record and license field, would importing the license to this be an efficient way of getting it into the RT?

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              Kiosk mode makes it more difficult to switch between programs, but you should be able to paste into a field in the runtime. 

              You can use the Document folder, because it will work with all platforms including ios.

              get(documentspath).  Get(DocumentsPath)


              FMGo is the runtime for ios devices.   The runtime you create for pc/mac includes the database with a different file extension.   The  database will still open in FMP.   


              It may be just as easy or easier to have the user to key in the license key, from an email.