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Summary Fields Behaviour Change In FileMaker Pro 15?

Question asked by briancrockett on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by briancrockett

I have some layouts where there are summary fields off to the side of the layout.

Normal behaviour is, FM doesn't calculate those fields until the user scrolls the window and make those fields visible.


I've noticed in 15 those fields begin to calculate as soon as the layout opens. This is really annoying as the fields are only used once and a while by management. Regular users get to use the layout without having to wait minutes while those fields calculate while management can simply scroll over to get their summaries. However in 15 they calculate all the time which will slow everyone down.


Is there anything I can do short of putting those fields on their own layout?

(Believe me I'd love to move them but the brass has repeatedly said no every time I mention it.)