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Open remote file automatically through WebDirect

Question asked by RichardStuart_2 on Jun 30, 2016

Greets, all:


(I looked at the FileMaker v15 (Mac) documentation but am still a little hazy on how to do this so my apologies for my density.)


The setup is that users log into a file ("Switchboard") through WebDirect which verifies their login credentials before they can jump to another file on the server--Applications--to edit their records. I created an account for them ("Visitor") where they have Data Entry privileges so they can enter their login credentials; once verified, then they click a script-enabled button that closes Switchboard and then opens Applications so they can work on their application.


The problem is that after the initial login screen appears in Switchboard, FileMaker asks users to log into Applications (because it's an external data source). What I want to do is have it set up so that Applications opens automatically (unseen) with their Visitor login into Switchboard. How do I make that happen?


TIA for your help!