Bulk Email Error 1506 after 50+ Emails send

Discussion created by willbe90 on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by DonCollier

Hey Everyone, I am absolutely new here, and have very little exposure with FMP: I can edit some documents and can kind of limp along... very very basic skills.


So our Administrator goes to send out an email to 250+ parents, some of them are sent, maybe 75 and then it returns the Error 1506. After a few minutes she can send them one at a time, and maybe a few dozen more before the error occurs again. We are using Filemaker Pro 14. I can see that the emails that were sent, were individual emails, so we are not getting blacklisted (also checked and we are not blacklisted)


I spoke with Google and they see the emails that have successfully been sent, but there is no record of emails being rejected or even reaching the outgoing smtp server. They believe that since the emails are not connecting to the smtp and google has no log of it, that it is not reaching Google, and something between the database and connecting to the smtp server is being blocked. But its weird because the issue comes and goes and is not constant.


I am not very Savvy with FMP, and we have a company that manages it for us, but was wondering if anyone has some ideas!


Thanks in advance!