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How to get local variable in a find request when I make a script?

Question asked by andresen on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by fitch

HiI have a Order table and in that I have a Portal to Order_Detail. When I type in the material ( this is a product we have in stock) in Order, I get the right material and the right width in to my portal via some script I made! All that are working fine...


Now I try in the same Order table wright the roll width ( this is another product we have in stock) and make that also jump in to the same Portal in a new row.


So far I made this script, tried to translate it from Swedish.

Set variable ($Rollwidth ; Order::Rollwidth)

Set variable ($HowManyRolls ; Order::HowManyRolls)

Freeze window

Error capturing ON

Go to Layout ("Product" (Product) )

Commit find (reset)

Set variable ($Product_ID ; Product::__ProductIDpk)

Go to Layout (Back to where I started)

Go to Object ( Objectname ; "Portal" )

Go to Potal row ( Highlight ; Last )

Set field ( Order_Detail::_ProductIDfk ; $Product_ID )

Set field ( Order_Detail::Rollwidth ; $Rollwidth )

Set field ( Order_Detail::HowManyRolls ; $HowManyRolls )

Go to Object ( Objectname: "Ordertab" )


In the Commit find (reset) I made the find:  Product::Rollwidth (= $Rollwidth]


I get an error on the find, it not finding any thing. It put in the name $Rollwidth in find field instead of the number from Order::Rollwidth.


Wat is wrong in my script?

Why not a number instead of $Rollwidth?