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    Beginner Question - Standardising Layouts


      Please forgive the novice question, I have tried web searches also but fear I may be typing in the wrong terminology because I dont seem to be able to find what I am looking for.


      I believe this must be a question that many newbies like myself ask, so hopefully there is a fairly straightforward response. I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced for Mac on El Capitan OS.


      I am looking to standardise my layouts, have a template as it were, so every new layout I create in my project starts with the same logo, button bar etc etc being in the same place, the only thing that effectively changes when a user selects a button is the content within the BODY of the layout.


      I have utilised the parts such as Top Navigation to hold my logo and main button bar for navigation, I have the Header and Footer Section there also and, as I said, I wish for only the data displayed in the body to change when the user selects a button.


      I know I could create one layout, duplicate it and then rename and enter the data I wish to have, however, that would mean that if I change an element, such as the menu button bar, I would have to change every instance of the menu button bar on each of the layouts, is that right? Or is there a way of making the change once and it would replicate throughout the other layouts in the project?


      I am probably over complicating my question! Apologies for that.


      Thank you in advance for any responses.


      Kind regards



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          First thing is to use styles. Once changed, they do replicate on other layouts.


          Second thing: don't create too many layouts. Use the power of tabs, slides, popovers etc .to make happen many things on the very layout you are on.


          To answer  your question: changing the menu bar elements won't replicate to another layouts. But it's a feature, not a bug.

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            Thank you. I believe I may already be part way there then.


            I have modified the style and created a custom theme so everything looks similar.


            My problem now really is that when I import data it creates its own layouts, I have to then modify these and recreate the header, button bar and any other standardised elements I want on every page.


            This only causes me issues because I dont know how to resize the header and top navigation elements, I dont see it in the inspector. I know it will be user error and not a 'bug' of any kind.


            I appreciate your prompt response and thank you for answering my question.

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              Import layouts are just that: import layouts. They should not be interaction layouts. And data should go into existing tables, not create new tables. Maybe you can detail more what your data cycle is.

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                OK, so the process as I understood it was I simply import data by dragging my excel spreadsheets in to the FMP program. This creates form layouts and tables etc.


                The data I am importing is standardised information such as a Task Code, time allowed etc.


                If I start a new layout and try to just view this data I imported then I get an error message of an unrelated table.


                I thought that I would be able to create my 'template layout' and then perhaps use the portal to view the data I had imported, but that didnt provide me with what I want.


                So, I have gone back to the beginning and have imported the data, amended the theme of the layout to be my new custom theme and now I am using 'cut & paste' so that my logo, button bar, record navigation and spacing etc is uniform on each of the layouts. (This is for form view of course, the table is a table and doesnt need any customisation)


                My web search earlier today led me to youtube and I got a download of the FM Starting Point example. This mesmerised me but I dont understand how he got it to look like that. If you want I can send you the link to what I am on about. I wanted a similar User Interface, when you see the youtube or starting point download you will see what I mean.

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                  You must stop dragging excel files to your database and start clicking on a button in your database, a button you will have to create, which will ask for the excel file you want to import and import it in the correct table.


                  FM Starting Point is a very good starting point. If you want to get even more mesmerized, check out FileMaker UI/UX | User Interface & FileMaker

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                    You can change the size of your layout parts in several ways.  One way is to select the part tab.  I like mine on the side.  Once it is selected you can see your sizes in the inspector.  I like working in inches if it is to be printed and in points if displayed on screen so you can actually toggle between the units by clicking on them.  Change the height and when you click out the part should change size for your.


                    Of course you can also grab the divider between the parts and slide up or down as need.

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