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Beginner Question - Standardising Layouts

Question asked by BillyAckers on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by siplus

Please forgive the novice question, I have tried web searches also but fear I may be typing in the wrong terminology because I dont seem to be able to find what I am looking for.


I believe this must be a question that many newbies like myself ask, so hopefully there is a fairly straightforward response. I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced for Mac on El Capitan OS.


I am looking to standardise my layouts, have a template as it were, so every new layout I create in my project starts with the same logo, button bar etc etc being in the same place, the only thing that effectively changes when a user selects a button is the content within the BODY of the layout.


I have utilised the parts such as Top Navigation to hold my logo and main button bar for navigation, I have the Header and Footer Section there also and, as I said, I wish for only the data displayed in the body to change when the user selects a button.


I know I could create one layout, duplicate it and then rename and enter the data I wish to have, however, that would mean that if I change an element, such as the menu button bar, I would have to change every instance of the menu button bar on each of the layouts, is that right? Or is there a way of making the change once and it would replicate throughout the other layouts in the project?


I am probably over complicating my question! Apologies for that.


Thank you in advance for any responses.


Kind regards