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Sub Summary Report To Display Related Records

Question asked by sccardais on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by sccardais

I want to create a Class Schedule Report based on two tables: CLASSES and DATES.


CLASSES and DATES are related as shown below.



DATES has 366 records - one for each day in 2016. Fields in this table include the Date, MonthName and DayName (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and


CLASSES currently has a record for each Class, describing a Class, Start_Date, End_Date and DayName (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) that the class is being held.


I want to show a Class Schedule that shows the dates for each Class sorted by Month.


From a layout based on Classes with a portal into the TO described above, I can display the correct Dates but portals aren't great for reporting. For some reason, I can't display the same dates using a SubSummary report based on Classes and showing fields from the Dates TO. Instead of getting a list of Dates, I get only the first matching date.


What am I doing wrong?