Using a calculation field to show alternative field based on global field

Discussion created by sreese on Jun 30, 2016
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Sorry, I know the Title is a mouthful.


I'm pondering an idea, and I'm not 100% sold on doing it because I fear performance issues.


I am pondering having 3 calculated fields to display a name in different ways


Field 1 - No Filter applied = Clothing - Shirt - Fatigue

Field 2 - Filter (Clothing) Applied = Shirt - Fatigue

Field 3 - Filter Clothing - Shirt Applied  = Fatigue


What I am thinking for field 4 is for a portal -

Field 4 -

If ( isempty ( filter1) ; Show field 1 ;

  if ( isempty (filter2) ; show field 2 ; show field 3 ))


The reason I am thinking of doing it this way is so I only have to put 1 field in the portal rather than hiding the other fields.


Any thoughts? If you don't like it please tell me why and give me your thoughts. I am not married to this idea at all.