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Photoshop clipping path

Question asked by rudihoremans on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by wendy

We have a solution of products, related images (external container), and several input and export tables and scripts.

It is a solution that does everything we expect from it. We have now about 10K records with product information and over 25K linked images.

These images are all high resolution PSD files. The project started with only the need to download these images at remote locations. All goes welL.

Only now the question has been asked to create simple layouts in FileMaker to produce downloadable PDF files that can be printed remotely.

No problem.

Finally, THE question: is it possible to have FileMaker honour the clipping path in these PSD files, so that the background elements in the product photos is not shown or printed. Have google and binged, did not return any information.

Resaving, reimporting over 25K of images with white background and no clipping path is not an option.

thanks for any suggestions.