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SaveAsPDF - works FM 14v5 doesn't FM15v6

Question asked by PSI on Jun 30, 2016
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Setup: email script that attaches a multiple page PDF with images.


The pdf is being sent from an image table. There can be 1 - 10+ images. These images are stored externally open. There is also description text from another table.


When I generate this with FM 14v5 on Mac or Windows the images are included along with the description. Same script on FM 14v6 (mac) description but no images.


It says right in the updater download page...

This software updates FileMaker Pro 14 or FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced to version 14.0.6.

Updater details

This software replaces the PDF engine used for PDF creation.


I guess they chose the wrong one...


So I tested with FM 15 on windows 10 again description but no images. Testing further with 15 - even if I manually SaveAsPDF from a preview there are no images.


any ideas