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Omit record if portal is empty

Question asked by roycash on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by roycash

New user , FM 14, still working through the trial.  I made a layout with a portal. The portal records are selected from a master data table filtered according to criteria in an input table.  I want to have a view omitting any records with an empty portal. I read over a few of the posts on omitting records but don't know how to access the record count in the portal. If no records are there, it l looks like there is no data to access.  I haven't started with scripting and still learning about functions. My filter has 9 pairs of conditions, any one being enough to select a record.  Can I use an IF function to add some flag record if no records are selected from the master data table?


I am also curious how I could save all of it in a new table linked to the  input table.


I am also having trouble with the filter selection but that may just be my syntax.


From what i have read, this seems to be a great and valuable community for getting assistance and I thank you all in advance.