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    Portal Question


      I created a portal that I have entered data into from the form layout. When I finish entering the information and click out of the box, the information disappears. However, when I go to table view, the information has saved. I need the information to save and show on the form tab as well. Why would the information not be saving?

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          A portal shows information from another RELATED table to the one you are currently looking at.

          You need a relationship to make that true, based on a key field/value in the parent table and a foreign key field in the other. If the relationship is also ticked for allow creation of records, then you can click in the bottom empty portal row to create anew like record.


          Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 22.55.30.png

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            This might be where the problem is coming from.  It appears that the records are getting created, but are getting orphaned.  This post explains that and a solution.


            portal records disappear



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              We figured this out.


              The portal records were getting recorded.  We could see them in the tables, but they would stop showing in the portal as soon as anything was clicked on.


              The problem was that the Member Number fields that formed the relationship between the two tables and the main table were not set to Type: Number.