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    Confusing layout-tool icons: FormatPainter Pipette


      The new colored icons in layout mode in FileMaker 15 are great, however, the new format painter button & cursor is somewhat confusing.




      In FM15 the FormatPainter icon - and cursor - have changed from a brush to a pipette.


      Above all users know the pipette icon from color-picker tools, where the pipette is used to choose a pixel-color by “sucking” up the color you click on.


      Whilst the pipette symbol is good for the button icon in the toolbar - when you click the format painter pipette the format of the currently selected object is immediately copied/“sucked” - it is a confusing symbol for the cursor during the apply action




      Based on the ‘standard’ experience of digital pipettes, this visual situation suggests to me that I am about to transfer the formatting IN THE OTHER DIRECTION : from Globale_Dlg_Input2 to Globale_User ID


      Would it be better to change the cursor icon to a paint brush?