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    Confusing layout-tool icons: Resize Buttons




      Two of the six Resize buttons in the inspector are visually misleading:




      The first and last pair of buttons correctly depict the bottom / right corner moving.


      The two central icons, however, incorrectly depict the top edge moving - whereas in reality it is the bottom edge which moves.


      Thus, on these icons, the arrows are pointing in the wrong direction! They indicate the opposite direction to the actual movement which the user perceives when the action is applied. The down arrow moves the bottom right corner up, the up arrow moves the bottom right corner down.


      This is an unpleasant user experience, because EVERY  TIME you use these tools - and that is a lot - you have to engage your brain in order to decode the meaning and click the correct button.


      I have noticed that developers regularly press the wrong icon of these two.




      This could be so simply corrected:




      Whilst a very quick & easy solution, it is not a small issue, since these buttons are used VERY frequently.


      Please review these icons.