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    How does the Teams option work for Server?


      I am trying to get my head around the best option for my clients and whether the new Teams option is the way to go.


      At the moment we have around 10 users. Each have their own file. Most if not all want to be able to access their files on line via a server. Currently I have not gone down the server road because I found it a bit slow and didn't want all their files relying on my computer to be acting as a central server.


      So if I was to purchase the Teams option how does this work? I understand each user will get a Filemaker Pro license but do they also each get a FM Server licence so they can run their own servers or is there only one central server? In other words I host all the files on a single server using a single license?


      Thank you.

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          One central license of Server. Host all files on that server.


          If you're trying to use a desktop PC as a server, you're going to have issues. They just don't have the juice (not to mention the OS features) to perform well as servers. If cost is a concern, then perhaps a hosting service would work for you. This is especially true if your users want to access the files "from anywhere" (i.e., over the open Internet).


          Nevertheless, using FileMaker Server is the most appropriate route for a multi-user scenario. You get automated, managed backups, good control over user sessions, logging and metrics to isolate problems, and much better security options.

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            You would get one server to host all the files. Only one central server.


            The Team clients need to be connected to a FM15 Server to open local files. Essentially the same as traditional licensing but with the requirement to be connected to a server at all times.