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WebDirect on FMS 13 ignores Script

Question asked by LarsHed on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by mikebeargie

I'm creating a page in FMP 13 published with WebDirect which will become the start page for entering different FMP pages in WebDirect. When a user enters the first WebDirect page I wish to show an almost empty page with a log in field and a button "Log in". Very simple.


BUT: Sometimes, about every second time, the page freezes when just showing FileMaker's top panel in Chrome, Safari or Explorer. Only after a mouse click WebDirect continues and runs my trigged startup script. This script hides the panels and it is trigged when the first database is is shown. The script is simple, just contains the general commands like enter Browse mode, Go to layout... , Hide Browse panel etc. I tried to trig in several ways and in different steps like On open database Go to layout, when this layout is shown the script is trigged etc. Or On first layout opening run script... etc


I guess there should be a simple solution or work around that ensures WebDirect to run the first script complete when starting. But how?

(We will upgrade to FMS 14 later this year and I have seen that the ability to hide panels on startup has been implemented so that solves a part of my problem. But maybe not the "freeze, then click"-problem.