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Problem with Portal Triggers - Help Required.

Question asked by cruiseqe2 on Jul 2, 2016
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I have a couple of related problems, and I can't seem to get my head around them. I have attached a very small FMPA14 file that clearly illustrates my problems.


If you look at the database and go to the layout Master - 1, you will see only one selectable thing - the colour. I have a trigger when you enter the portal row that does some important stuff (well, in my real database, it does!!), including opening a new window and closing it again (off screen). Now if you select a row, and THEN select the colour field in that row, you will notice a drop down appear that will show all the available colours. No problem so far. Now, if you select a colour on another row - BEFORE SELECTING THAT ROW - you will notice that the full list of colours briefly displays and goes away, thus leaving you unable to choose another colour. This means that in order to change the colour, you have to select the row BEFOREHAND. This is an unacceptable rule to give to my user. I would have thought that the first thing that happens is that the trigger will fire, and the script will run in its entirety and then the screen will respond - and thus show a full list. Unfortunately, it appears that both things happen in parallel. Any solutions?


[Before going on to see my second, related problem, please ensure that the three colours shown on the Master -1 layout are all different.]


If you now go to the layout Master - 2, you will see only one selectable thing - the popover button showing a person's head. I also have a trigger on entering each portal row. What this does, is to copy the ORIGINAL colour from the row into a global variable so that it may be seen using the Data Viewer. Now if you press the popover button, its only job is to show the original colour from the global variable. Now I have a similar problem to the one above. If you select a row, and THEN hit the popover button, it will all work. If, however, you hit the popover button WITHOUT selecting the row first, it will show what the LAST value of the global variable is. Once again, the triggered script - which I imagine should be started BEFORE the popover script, is not allowed to finish before the popover begins to show! Any solutions?


I guess what all this boils down to is the order in which triggers and screen events happen. I can't find any information on the rules, but it appears that they are not doing what I would expect them to do. Does anybody have any ideas, workarounds, solutions, thoughts, etd.


I look eagerly forward to your responses and thank you for them in advance.


Mark - in England - hence my spelling of the word Colour!