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    Layout works fine on a Mac but not on Windows


      I have a layout that for years has worked fine on Mac and Windows.

      Right now it still works fine on a Mac, but any scrolling of a portal takes around 1 minute to perform on a Windows.


      Is it safe to assume that this is layout corruption and that recreating the layout would fix it?  Or are there actual layout elements that perform terribly on Windows?

      I'm inclined to think it is layout corruption as I have a 'demo' video that I created earlier this year that shows it running perfectly fine on Windows.


      There is one more difference, in the past it was being accessed on Windows on Windows Server 2008.  Now it is server 2012 and also Windows 10.  I'm guessing that there are no major differences between server 2008 and server 2012/windows 10 that would make a difference?


      The layout will take quite some time to recreate which is why I am asking.  The layout was originally made back in FMP 9 days so it is still classic, I'm going to re-create it with styling to make it lighter since it is quite a heavy layout.



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          Hi Carl


          You don't mention which version of FileMaker Pro and Server, but I assume they are later versions to run on WS 2012 and W10? Also, is this on multiple copies of Windows or a single PC?


          We run similar setups and have no problems, having migrated entirely to WS2012. First thing I'd do would be duplicate the layout and delete everything except the portal and start from there.


          Kind regards


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            Best way to test it is probably to create a new layout and gradually add elements, testing as you go. If it's simply layout corruption it will test OK all the way along. If there is an element that is tripping you up then it should show up when that element is added. I'm not a Windows user but there has been some discussion about issues with Windows 10, so browse the forum and see if there's anything relevant to your situation.

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              Server 15 and FileMaker 15.  I tested on 2 different Win 10 machines and 2 different 2012 R2 machines.


              I will avoid duplicating the existing layout so that I don't carry over any potential issues that may be underlying on the base layout, to be extra sure.

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                I think that is what I will have to do, that is creating a new layout and adding all the elements from scratch.  I won't copy/paste any elements from the old layout which is a bit of a pain as it is quite complex.


                I tried deleting and re-adding elements to the current layout see if one element in particular was slowing the layout but the speed STEEPLY decreased as I added items to the portal.  And it didn't matter in particular what I items I added, as I added them the speed dropped.  Adding any three objects made the portal very jarring, only 3 objects made it run worse than the Mac does with around 50 objects in the portal.