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Error 959 when using the Filemaker API

Question asked by daveatoh on Jul 1, 2016
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Hoping someone here is experienced with the Filemaker API and will have a solution to an irritating problem that's developed since an upgrade.


We've implemented a script for a client that pulls data from their Filemaker instance over the Filemaker API and imports it as content in their PHP-based website. All worked well until they upgraded to Filemaker Server 15 (on OS X El Capitan), after which the image URLs (the value of the image field when a record is fetched) that are returned no longer work.


The URLs previously returned image data, but now they just give an XML document like the following:


<fmresultset version="1.0"><error code="959"/><datasource database="" date-format="" layout="" table="" time-format="" timestamp-format="" total-count="0"/><metadata/><resultset count="0" fetch-size="0"/></fmresultset>


Error 959 looks to mean like a certain technology or setting is disabled, but our client is unable to find anything related switched-off in their settings. What do we need to advise them to do to get images working again? Or is there a different way of fetching images over the API in the new version, perhaps?


Many thanks in advance for any thoughts or assistance.