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    WebDirect problem with Evaluate() function and french functions name


      I did a small debug function for WebDirect.


      I just use a normal text field named 'DEBUG_TXT' in a DB and a calculation one that do Evaluate(DEBUG_TXT) named 'DEBUG_RESULT'.


      All work fine, except that French translation doesn't work in WebDirect as they do in FMP.

           For example: Get(SystemIPAddress) will work but not Obtenir(AdresseIPSystème)


      Worst, the Evaluate() function doesn't work in a Web Viewer. It returns nothing!

           "data:text/html," & Evaluation ( Config systeme lié Config usager::Fonctions dessin )


      Also, I'm accessing this server over the Internet and look what Host IP address I got!

      It's the local subnet server address, not the outside modem public address.


      Thank you.