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    DevCon2Go 2016


      It's July.

      Just saying....

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          I was wondering about this too. I think they have a few in-house developers at FMI so you would think it would not be too difficult?

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            Nothing is ever difficult if you ask somebody else to do it.


            In this case it is Claus lavendt who does a splendid job building it and keeping it running!


            Claus does it to strengthen the FileMaker community ... I believe that an American President once said: "Dont ask what your country can do for you ..."

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              Hi John and other interested.


              We have completely re-engineered DevCon2Go this year to include all the new features of FileMaker Go 15. This includes iBeacons and we have been testing extensively in order to provide an app, that is working good.

              Right now, we are working on some last minute additions and changes, but the app is due for release very soon.


              In my session at DevCon, I will use the DevCon2Go to talk about how to create mobile apps, that include all the new features, that we got with FileMaker Go 15. So if you are interested in mobile apps, I hope you will stop by my session.

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                Looking forward to it Claus!!! Would it be this week or the next?

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                    Hi Claus,


                    thanks for the app, will there be the info of which sessions will be recorded or not?


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                      Sure it s going to be lovely Claus, but some of use are about to leave the luxurious surroundings of the office to start the trip over there, and planning is a key part of getting the most out of Devcon..



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                        At the contacts section there is a "Add from QR Code" button that does nothing. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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                          Everyone; DevCon2Go16 app is now released !


                          FileMaker DevCon2Go for 2016 - Now Available



                          Hope it will be helpful.

                          If you want to learn more about the app and all the new features of FMGO15, you can attend my session Thursday 10:45.


                          I believe that all sessions will be recorded, except properly the keynote and a few other sessions...

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                            @vlistar; Have you allowed FileMaker GO to use the camera ?

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                              It didn't ask me to but then i noticed on the Settings that FMGo14 had the rights to use the cam and not FMGo15. I had them both installed so I said goodbye to FMGo14! Still nothing after this and wasn't showing on the Settings either. I did a restart on the phone but the same result. Finally I just opened another file with a Container to take a picture and it popped up the warning to Allow, which I did. Nothing happens after this too!!

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                                Thanks, you did actually discover a bug here, that we did not catch, even after extensive tests.

                                We are currently working on fixing this and re-publish...

                                Please check back later...

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                                  the import schedule appears to not do anything at all...


                                  this is my file.

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                                    Hi John


                                    Somehow, it appears that your saved schedule have different keys for sessions, than what is currently in DevCon2Go.

                                    That means, the function will try to find the sessions from your list of keys and then marked them.

                                    I am guessing that you were an early adapter and downloaded the v114 and created your list in that one. -or you might have done something with your file, that updated the keys for sessions.

                                    When I test with a saved schedule, that was saved with a list of sessions, in a version prior to any release, it does work now with latest version and with most reason data update.

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